November 2020

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This month’s issue features articles on the transportation director of the year, Todd Watkins of Montgomery County Public Schools in Maryland, plus the virtual Bus Technology Summit hosted by School Transportation News in September and how to improve staff morale amid COVID-19.
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Cover Story

Meet the Transportation Director of the Year
Despite Montgomery County Public Schools in Maryland not scheduled to return to in-person learning for all students until February, communication is more important than ever. Todd Watkins thrives in such an environment, as he works with over 2,000 transportation employees and tens of thousands of parents, especially those of children with disabilities.


Bus Technology Summit Recap
The inaugural and virtual Bus Technology Summit took place in September as a way for industry professionals to network and make decisions on technology adoption.

Leveraging Technology to Mitigate Legal Risk & Provide ‘Pupil Transportation as a Service’
Attorney Matthew W. Daus discusses the potential legal ramifications for student transporters of not following federal, state and local COVID-19 guidance, and how the industry could get ahead current and future challenges by using new technologies and services.

Tech Trends Driving Dramatic Disruption
Jim Harris, a disruption expert and Bus Technology Summit Tech Talk speaker, shares how electrification, autonomous vehicles, and the Internet of Things are revolutionizing the school bus market.

COVID-19 Purchases Could Serve Long-Term Uses
Readers share that a majority of directly purchased COVID-19 products and solutions could result in standard operating procedures after the health crisis passes.

Special Report

Are School Bus Driver Retention Strategies Working?
One of the leading COVID-19 fears of transportation directors is to lose bus drivers because of virus concerns, and amid virtual learning models still being employed in many areas of the country. Some of these directors share their secrets to keeping their school bus drivers on staff.


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Editor’s Take by Ryan Gray
Setting a New Vision

Publisher’s Corner by Tony Corpin
The Difference You Make in People’s Lives


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