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(Recorded Webinar) Retain Drivers & Protect Students: Unpacking Airborne Coronavirus & Pollution

Clean Air: Perception vs. Protection

The pandemic opened the industry’s eyes to the importance of air purification, an issue Matthew Johnson, professor in atmospheric chemistry at Copenhagen University and co-founder of AirLabs, has been working to resolve since 2014.

School districts and operators are grappling with the great resignation and driver shortages as many drivers threw in the towel due to the anxiety of contracting coronavirus. This concern is even more prevalent as mask restrictions are being lifted in certain states.

In this webinar, Professor Johnson will be joined by AirLabs’ VP of Sales Al Chami and Head of Customer Experience Clare Crosley to discuss how to protect against airborne virus transmission, the short and long-term effects air pollution is having on drivers and students, and how to put parents’ minds at ease. The conversation will also touch on different technologies currently available in the market and the pros and cons of each.

AirLabs’ innovative air monitoring and filtration solutions protect people from the harmful effects of air pollution in cities, transport and buildings worldwide.

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