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(STN Podcast E5) – Here’s the Plan: A New Normal for Schools and Busing, Post-Coronavirus

School Transportation Nation podcast – Episode 5

Student transporters are now considering what daily operations will look like when schools reopen from mandated COVID-19 closures.

How will social distancing requirement affect passenger capacity on the bus? Will students need to be screened before they board? Will routes need to be redone? What does all this mean for transportation budgets?

Greg Jackson, director of transportation and fleet services at Jefferson County Schools near Denver, joins STN Publisher Tony Corpin and STN Editor-in-Chief Ryan Gray to discuss what has to be considered before students get back on the yellow bus.

Visit to stay updated on school transportation during and after the pandemic. Watch the Kajeet webinar on Wi-Fi hotspots and stay tuned for Jackson’s blog.

This episode is brought to you by Transfinder.

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