Recorded: Free Webinar on Empowering Student Transporters Amid COVID-19

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As schools nationwide remain closed, the coronavirus has installed anxiety and fear in many student transporters. What is around the corner? The goal of this free webinar is to share hope and empowerment with industry leaders, and to remind them that with every challenge come opportunities.

Join a discussion between a medical doctor, school psychologist, a student transportation consultant, and HR staff on what school districts and companies can do to continue providing the highest level service to their employees during this confusing and scary time, and to continue the mission of providing safety and continuity to students and local communities. After all, student transporters must take care of themselves before they can excel at taking care of others.



Julius Ceaser
Director of Recruiting
Cook-Illinois Corporation


Ryan Hahn, a transportation consultant in Northern California, during a panel discussion.

Ryan Hahn
Student Transportation Consultant



Steve Miller
Director of Human Resources
Cook-Illinois Corporation


Adam Saenz, Ph.D., D. Min



Stephen R. Sroka, Ph.D.