Donaldson COO Promoted to President and CEO

Donaldson Company, Inc. announced today that its current chief operating officer, Tod Carpenter, will take the reins as president and chief executive officer effective April 1.
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School Bus Safety FAQs

Is school transportation a large enterprise? There are more than 480,000 yellow school buses on U.S. roads and over 70,000 in Canada. The industry spends about $20 billion annually, mostly…
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Florida Bus Driver, Monitor Rescue Toddler Along Route

A quick-acting school bus driver and monitor ensured another tragedy didn't affect the community of Seminole County, Florida this week when the duo came to the aid of an unattended…
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Survey Shows the Vehicles Permitted for Student Transport

Not surprisingly, in many states — 14 to be exact — the yellow school bus remains the only allowable transportation mode for transporting all students to and from school. But…
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Federal Legislation Targets School Bus Driver Backgrounds

The Safety for Our Schoolchildren Act introduced earlier this month by Sen. David Vitter would instruct all states and school districts nationwide to obtain FBI background checks on all new…
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'Steffi Crosser' Recognized by Districts as Top Product

There are thousands of products and technologies designed to help school district administrators and transportation directors perform their jobs better, whether that means improving safety or increasing efficiency. To aid…
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Seat Belt FAQs

We hear it all the time: Why don't school buses have seat belts? Find out the answer to this and other frequently asked questions on school bus occupant safety.
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Non-Conforming Vans FAQs

What are the legal standards for vehicles used to transport students? The federal Motor Vehicle Safety Act prohibits the sale to a school or the purchase by a school of…
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Understanding the Different School Bus Types

What does the term Type A school bus mean? The Type A school bus is one of seven vehicle types that can be manufactured to federal motor vehicle safety standards…
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Clean School Bus FAQs

What alternative fuels are available in school bus application? The U.S. Energy Policy Act defines alternative fuels as: Clean Diesel, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Liquefied Natural…
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Federal Government Definitions of Disability

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, as amended, identifies 13 specific disabilities. They range from autism to orthopedic impairments to visual impairments.
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