Green Heat

School districts in some of the colder states are beginning to see a two-fold benefit to installing engine heaters on their buses. Not only do they get the buses warmed…
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School Bus Stock

Barry Stock knows a thing or two about going to work for a foreign-held, mega transport company. With the pending merger of Laidlaw into the fold of First Group of…
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Bullying on the School Bus

Bullying, whether on the playground, in class or on the bus, came to pass long before many of us treaded the tiled halls of our elementary, middle and high schools.
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Pediatrics Journal Report Details Total School Bus Injuries

A first-of-its-kind probability sample study on specific injuries sustained in school bus accidents nationwide recommends lap/shoulder belt occupant restraint systems be installed in all newly purchased school buses, though their…
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The Hot Topic of Heating

In the automotive heating business, many companies plot their markets north and near south of U.S. 70, a highway stretch of highway that cuts below the Midwest and penetrates several…
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Girardin Delivers a la Family Style

Mystery literally shrouded the Girardin Minibus stand at the National Association for Pupil Transportation (NAPT) trade show in Austin, Texas, last November. The suspense was building for the unveiling of…
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A Brand New Day

It’s good to be ahead of the curve, especially considering from where Marianne Cleary began. She was anxious about her first grant-writing experience as transportation coordinator for North Penn School…
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Doctoral Dissertation Examines Danger of Non-conforming Vans

Nearly one-third of the 889 public school districts in Illinois report the use of 15-passenger vans, also known as non-conforming vans in pupil transportation vernacular, for student transportation purposes.
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The FMVSS System and School Bus Safety

The modern school bus era has been marked by federal rules, designated "FMVSS" for federal motor vehicle safety standards. These standards are the method by which the federal government regulates…
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Supreme Court to Rule on SCAQMD Ruling on Clean Diesel

WASHINGTON, DC -- It isn't often that the U.S. Supreme Court decides a case that directly impacts the school bus industry. But on April 28 - coincidently the same day…
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NHTSA Issues Final Rule on Safety Vests/Harnesses

WASHINGTON, D.C - The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued a final rule March 8, 2004, that converts a temporary provision, which was set to terminate on September 1, 2004…
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