Experts Talk Proper Wheelchair Securement Following Incident

Special needs and securement experts weighed in on a troubling incident last year of an improperly restrained, wheelchair-bound special needs student falling to the floor of the school bus while…
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STN EXPO Seeks Carrot, Stick for Bus Driver Retention

A roundtable of transportation experts from the public and private sector discussed the various challenges and solutions concerning driver shortages during last month's STN EXPO in Reno, Nevada.
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N.C. Approves School Bus Stop-Arm Enforcement Program

A new law authorizes county school boards independently or under contract with a vendor to install stop-arm cameras on school buses to capture incidents of illegal passing and use the…
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Report Discusses Transportation's Effect on Education Access

A February report by the Urban Institute Student Transportation Working Group examines the relationships between transportation availability and school attendance, as well as why certain schooling decisions are made by…
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Ohio Debuts School Bus Safety-Focused License Plate

The Ohio Association for Pupil Transportation (OAPT) recently launched an education program featuring a specialty license plate that reminds motorists to stop for a loading or unloading school bus’ flashing…
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How Predictive Analytics Can Help the School Bus Industry

RENO, Nev. - Attendees learned the meaning and practical use of predictive analytics to improve school bus efficiency and safety during a panel discussion at the STN EXPO this summer. 
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Calif. School District Faces Backlash Over Busing Cuts

Parents started a petition in response to a decision by the Menifee United School District located about 80 miles southeast of Los Angeles to cut school bus transportation in the…
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Mobile to Spike Telematics Market By 2022, Study Says

Research and Markets said a new study indicates the commercial vehicle telematics market is expected to increase to $18.4 billion in the next five years from the current figure of…
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