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The Many Ways GPS can Encourage Safer Buses

Whether you’re trying to discover if a driver was off an assigned route or you’re trying to fight a speeding ticket, having accurate reporting tools is incredibly important.

tony galeTony Gale is director of TripSpark Education.In the modern era, parents, teachers and students alike have come to rely upon GPS location services to provide real-time assurance of where they are. In the school transportation industry, GPS has become the standard for creating an environment of safety and accountability. But there are lot of areas where GPS, in concert with other K-12 transportation software solutions, can assist in maintaining safety for students.

K-12 Transportation Software for Safer Drivers

Having advanced tracking technology shows parents, teachers and staff that procedures are in place to keep students safe. But did you know that software can also help you manage and maintain the quality of your drivers? A digital database can send you alerts if a driver’s license is soon to expire. You can access a driver’s work history, a history of incidents, etc. As well as monitoring for driver issues, you can also reward a driver for an exceptional history. Again, having the data on hand can provide you with the information you need to make more informed decisions.

GPS Proves Your Routes are Being Followed

How much visibility do you have planned schedules? You’ve created a schedule that adheres to the unique requirements of each student. But how do you know your plan is being followed? Having real time reporting of each vehicle’s speed and location means you’ll be able to identify violations to your plan. Your dispatchers don’t have to call drivers to determine their location. This means you can get ahead of problems quickly. Accessing this information also matters to teachers and parents. All this GPS data can be used to enable a web portal. You can provide parents a real time website in order to share information and provide the security of knowing where their children are at any time of the day.

Eyes on the Back of Your Bus

GPS tracking systems, scheduling and dispatching software, in-vehicle cameras, etc. allow you to monitor and record events as they happen, then play them back at a later date. Software systems can automatically track the speed, direction and stops along a bus route. Combined with a camera system, you’ll have incredibly accurate reporting on incidents both on the bus and on routes.

Technology speeds up the transmission of data. Whether it’s information to a parent calling in, or to alert you to a possible driver absence, the faster you can react, the better. Spotting problems before they occur means that everyone concerned can breathe a little easier.

Tony Gale is currently the director of TripSpark Education, a division devoted to the development, implementation and maintenance of K-12 transportation software solutions including and GPS Student and Bus Tracking technology

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