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Bike to School Day 2019 Gains Support Nationwide

Over 3,000 schools registered this year on the walkbiketoschool.org website to show their support and help celebrate the benefits of biking to school.

This year will be the eighth annual National Bike to School Day. The day promotes healthier habits, and encourages physical activity for students, in response to a lack of school bus service, or as an alternative to parents driving them.

It also gives students a “sense of adventure,” organizers said, while they experience neighborhood sights and sounds that they wouldn’t normally notice while in a vehicle. For the environment, the day helps reduce air pollution and traffic congestion.

Many school districts and public officials turned to social media to show how their school district celebrated the day and promoted the event. School districts and police officers gave safety suggestions regarding biking in the street. Images and videos of students were also posted that participated in their community and at their district.

Gladys Noon Spellman Elementary School in Maryland partnered with the Cheverly Police Department to participate in the national day. The event taught kids the importance of bike safety and physical activity.

Operation Lifesaver urged that children be taught how to stay safe at railroad crossings while on their route to school. They recommend to always be alert and put away phones or other distractions when crossing.

Former professional road bicyclists and three-time Olympic gold medalist Kirstin Armstrong celebrated Bike to School Day with Adams Elementary School in Boise, Idaho. The event also featured Mayor Dave Bieter and the Boise Police Department.

Rain in some regions didn’t deter the students from participating. Students at Rossman Elementary School in Michigan and at school districts in Philadelphia embraced the day, regardless of the weather.

Many students, parents and law enforcement officers were involved in the event. Shaker Road Elementary School in Albany, New York, saw 113 students who normally take the bus bike to school, instead, while 67 percent of families at Mohawk Trails Elementary School in Carmel, Indiana, participated.

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