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School Bus Engines Studied in Webinar

A School Transportation News webinar on school bus engines provided a broad review of Cummins, Inc. engines for the school bus market, covering all of the basic considerations for engine choice.

During the free hour-long webinar on July 26, representatives from sponsor Cummins, Inc. discussed everything that is necessary to know about school bus engines. How school bus fleets can improve their operations were included, with speakers focusing on engine reliability, torque importance and improving efficiency.

Cummins experts discussed key technologies that factor into engine reliability and how they can improve fleet reliability. Presenters included: Laura Chasse, North America bus general manager; Robert Joson, North America bus customer support; and Eric McCoy, senior marketing communications specialist.

The speakers stressed that for school buses, low-end torque is definitely one of the very most important factors, especially when it comes to drivability. However, it is also important to follow what are the different types of torque, plus how they would affect performance for your particular geographic region and typical weather conditions.

Other critical considerations in fleet engine selection were obviously fuel economy and emissions. As a result, recent advancements in running cleaner and more efficiently may now amount to significantly different annual dollar savings or costs, compared to only three to five years ago, it was stressed.

The webinar also set the stage for more in-depth Cummins engine training scheduled for STN EXPO Indianapolis in June 2019.

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