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STI to Share CEO’s Insights in Video Series

Last Wednesday, school bus contractor Student Transportation Inc. announced the launch of a weekly video series featuring interviews with company CEO and Chairman Denis Gallagher.

The goal of the series is to provide districts, parents and investors a look into how the company applies technology, innovation and diversity.

In the first installment, titled “Innovative Services,” CNBC on-air contributor and host Andy Busch interviews Gallagher about STI’s uses of technology to increase efficiency and keep parents informed.

 “Andy is a recognized expert in financial markets and his insightful questions provide a tremendous springboard for our discussion of today’s school transportation environment and the challenges facing busy parents and school districts,” Gallagher said in a statement.

“He asks questions that our investors and the public ask us on a daily basis. As we develop new business units and new services, it’s important that people hear the answers to their questions and feel as confident in our vision as we are,” he continued.

In the video, Gallagher talked about the key role technology plays in the company’s efforts to streamline bus routing and scheduling. He also discussed the company’s new app, SchoolWheels SafeStop, which allows parents to identify the location of a bus, the bus’ projected arrival time and the time students were dropped off at school, among other features.

The next video will be posted to the company website this coming Wednesday and will explore the role of STI’s board of directors in the contractor’s vision and strategy going forward.

In future videos, Gallagher will discuss company financing and company culture, among other topics. 


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