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Why a Georgia District Chose an In-Ground School Bus Lift

STEVENSVILLE, Md. — A busy school district can have a lot of lifting needs, from 72-pupil passenger school buses to pickup trucks—and Screven County School System in Sylvania, Georgia, is no exception. The fleet team needed a versatile vehicle lift that would seamlessly handle a broad range of different vehicles.

As part of the process in selecting a heavy-duty lifting system, the eastern Georgia school district was understandably looking for a vehicle lift that is safe, reliable, flexible and convenient for their techs to use.

The district selected Stertil-Koni’s hydraulic inground telescopic piston DIAMONDLIFT for use in its recently completed, state-of-the-art school bus maintenance facility. Staff and management were particularly attracted to the lift because it engages with the frame of the vehicle and hence provides wheels-free access. In that way, it can also accommodate a variety of vehicles on which its technicians can more easily perform diverse service tasks.

Bringing the new technology to Screven County School System was Heavy Duty Lift & Equipment, Inc. (HDLE), a Stertil-Koni distributor in Buford, Georgia, that sold and installed the lift.

HLDE sales representative Ian Merrow noted, “The DIAMONDLIFT system provides a modern, efficient, and safe approach to servicing heavy-duty vehicles of all types. It is an ideal choice for the people of Screven and their facility.”

The Challenge

For Screven, the service center is critical to supporting a fleet of nearly 50 school buses that travel 38 bus routes transporting approximately 1,700 students daily.

Located in a rural county, Screven’s school buses cover a combined average of 1,412 miles daily, with the longest single route accounting for more than 122 miles.

The Screven fleet team needed a versatile lift that would seamlessly handle a range of different vehicles.

The Solution

When choosing the DIAMONDLIFT, Screven School District required a lift that is Gold Label-certified by the Automotive Lift Institute (ALI), the industry’s highly regarded watchdog organization. ALI’s Lift Certification Program has made it easy for school districts and municipalities to select vehicle lifts that have been third-party tested and proven to meet the highest standards in safety and performance.

Lift testing includes verification of the structural integrity of a lift’s systems and components, the proper function of its controls and load-holding devices, proper lowering speeds and overload protection.

The lift that Screven selected helped the school district save time and money due to its simple installation and the use of a structural steel cassette, which is easily embedded in concrete. The pre-fabricated, seamless steel cassette is fully contained with DiamondGuard protection—mitigating any concerns about electrolysis, corrosion and workshop fluids entering into the surrounding soil.

With a capacity of up to 35,000 lbs. per piston, or 70,000 lbs. in the two-piston configuration, the DIAMONDLIFT readily handles the weight of virtually any school transportation vehicles.

The use of the DIAMONDLIFT has streamlined servicing and maintenance tasks and brought increased safety to the Screven technicians.

The Return

The DIAMONDLIFT has helped to streamline servicing and maintenance tasks and brought increased safety to the Screven technicians. Learn more about it by downloading the product sheet.

As noted by those that utilize the lift, “The DIAMONDLIFT delivers quick access to the vehicles we are servicing and that makes routine maintenance, such as servicing brake systems, much easier and safer to complete.”

Concluded Dr. Jean DellAmore, president of Stertil-Koni, “The growing success of the DIAMONDLIFT, which is ideal for servicing pupil transportation vehicles, is a testament to our customer-centric approach, which drives us to continuously deliver the broadest range of high quality, heavy-duty lifting systems in our market.”

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