While NHTSA Studies Motorcoach Safety, NTSB Grows ‘Impatient’

NTSB: Improvements Would Go a Long Way in Protecting Passengers

WASHINGTON, D.C- As Congress debates legislation designed at improving motorcoach safety, a House committee heard testimony fom the National Transportation Safety Board on Monday that recommendations have gone unheeded for the past decade.

School Buses, MFSABs Recommended for Activity Trips

Coroner's Jury Calls for Ban of Nonconforming Vans When Transporting Students

A New Brunswick coroner's inquest made two dozen recommendations aimed at improving the safety of school activity trips following a fatal January 2008 van crash that killed seven high school basketball players and the driver's wife.

Transformational’ Change Planned for U.S. DOT

With the federal transportation bill reauthorization coming later this year, handwritten notes being circulated around Capitol Hill show conceptual plans for narrowing the gap between federal funding of highways and bridges and that of transit, plus "transformational" changes to the U.S. Dept. of Transportation.