February 2017

School bus pre- and post-trip inspections will likely always require drivers to physically walk around the school bus, and rightly so. But technology from several manufacturers is promising to make the process easier and more reliable, increasing efficiency in the shop and ensuring safety for the safest way for students to get to and from school.


Maturation of School Bus Mobility
Connected technology options such as tablets, apps and Wi-Fi abound to provide the promise of to provide greater operational efficiency.

By the (Online) Book
Generational changes in technology are slowly but surely reshaping parts ordering and inventory processes in maintenance shops.

Trends: Roll in, Roll Out
Our readers weigh in on how they are purchasing school buses.


Training Days: Learning Opportunities for School Bus Mechanics

Maine Refurbishment Program Extends School Life, District Dollars


First Take by Ryan Gray
What the VW Settlement Means to You

Thought Leader by Robert T. Pudlewski
Improving Behavior Through Automation of Vehicle Systems

Publisher’s Corner by Tony Corpin
Changes Coming to School Funding?



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