March 2017

The school bus industry continues to push the importance of WC18 and WC19 standards to provide complete securement safety to students transported in wheelchairs. National training at the vendor level and at this month’s TSD Conference aims to help spread the word.


Proper Placement
Wheelchair safety requires many extra steps to ensure students with disabilities arrive at school safe and get home in one piece, which requires a renewed focus on training.

Fired Up
While added costs are always a concern for student transporters, several re suppression options exist to increase school bus safety, especially for students with special needs who could require additional time to evacuate in event of an incident.

Craig Davidson, author and former special-needs bus driver, tells his story this month at the TSD Conference.

TSD Conference and Trade Show Overview


Special Report

A Cooling-Off Period

Driver Pleads Guilty to Autistic Student’s Heat-Related Death

Federal Writing on the Wall Indicates Tracking Devices for Autistic Student ‘Runners’ are on the Horizon


First Take by Ryan Gray
The ‘Ripple Effect’ of Medicaid Cuts

Thought Leader by Linda F. Bluth, Ed.D.
Complex IEP Decision Drive Safe, Effective Transportation Service

Thought Leader by Richard Kelly
Special Needs Challenges: Handling Aggressive Student Behavior

Publisher’s Corner by Tony Corpin
A Culture of Caring



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