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STN EXPO Reno Panel to Discuss Renewable Fuel Options

Megan Boutwell, president of Stillwater Associates, will lead a panel discussion at STN EXPO Reno next month on developing clean renewable fuel options that are reaching parity with fossil fuels, especially with the rise of diesel and gasoline prices nationwide.

The differences between recent fuel prices rising versus price hikes in the past will be one of the discussion topics. States like New York and California are at the forefront of the push toward green energy. While these states — and about a dozen others that are looking to follow zero-emissions plans — may be planning to go fully electric, Boutwell discusses that drop-in renewable fuel may be the best immediate option for everyone because of no need for new fueling infrastructure.

Boutwell’s discussion will also touch on the fact that propane is already widely available and accessible to districts, with renewable propane, a non-fossil fuel that is produced from 100-percent renewable raw materials, coming online, especially in the western states.

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One school district that has embraced renewable propane is Elk Grove Unified School District in Sacramento, California. Anthony Willis, the supervisor of fleet maintenance, joins Boutwell to discuss not only the clean emissions aspect of the alternative fuel but how renewable propane is also further reducing maintenance costs.

The other panelist is Chris Ellison, director of transportation at David Douglas School District in Portland, Oregon. He will outline some of the benefits of using renewable diesel, another drop-in fuel that is approaching parity with regular diesel when it comes to price per gallon. He will share how renewable diesel is also resulting in cost-effective maintenance, reduced pollution and improved management of taxpayer dollars.

With EPA regulations potentially seeking to further reduce diesel emissions, more and more districts are considering their options for meeting the federal requirements. This session will address federal rebate programs that districts should be utilizing.

The session is scheduled for 3:30 p.m. to 4:45 p.m. on July 18 at the Peppermill Resort Spa Casino in Reno. It is one of several planned discussions on electrification and alternative fuels. Review the full conference and workshop agenda.

Online registration for STN EXPO Reno is available through June 24 or register in person, beginning July 15.

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