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CleanFUEL USA Completes 85 Public Propane Autogas Refueling Stations as Part of Federal Grant

GEORGETOWN, Texas — CleanFUEL USA, an industry leader in propane autogas technology, completed the installation of 85 retail propane autogas stations, making this clean and economical alternative fuel more readily available across the nation.

“The installation of these 85 sites is a true step forward for the propane industry,” said Curtis Donaldson, founder and managing partner of CleanFUEL USA. “For more than 20 years we have shared a vision of installing public autogas stations across the country, and the rollout of these stations contributes to that vision.”

Spread across 13 states, the publicly accessible stations are expected to serve thousands of fleet managers and individuals operating vehicles fueled by propane autogas. Most of the stations are located near heavily trafficked roadways, existing fueling stations, major airports and home improvement stores. The last propane autogas refueling location was installed at an Exxon Mobile station in Charleston, W. Va.

The construction of these facilities and refueling equipment was funded through a $12 million grant from the Department of Energy’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Texas State Technical College (TSTC) served as the lead grantee of the funds, which supported the development of a national propane autogas refueling network, incentives to convert school buses and other fleet vehicles to alternative fuels, and training for green jobs.

“We’ve made tremendous progress, and propane autogas is now more readily available thanks to this completed grant and CleanFUEL USA,” said Cindy Reily, associate vice president of institutional advancement at TSTC.

In addition to station installations, the grant partially funded nearly 700 vehicle conversions and new propane autogas vehicle purchases for multiple fleets across the country including VIA Metropolitan Transit in San Antonio, the City of Springfield, Ill., and various school districts.

Propane autogas is a domestically produced, abundant alternative fuel that reduces the nation’s dependence on foreign energy sources. Already the leading alternative fuel in the United States, propane autogas costs an average of 30 to 40 percent less than gasoline and up to 50 percent less than diesel. When compared with gasoline, vehicles fueled by propane autogas emit 20 percent less nitrogen oxide, 60 percent less carbon monoxide and up to 25 percent less greenhouse gases.

For a complete list of propane autogas refueling station locations, including these 85 new sites, visit the Alternative Fuels Data Center or click here.

About CleanFUEL USA

CleanFUEL USA, the nation’s first developer of liquid propane fuel injection systems, is a leading manufacturer of propane autogas dispensers and refueling infrastructure. Headquartered in Georgetown, Texas with an engineering division in Wixom, Mich., CleanFUEL USA celebrates more than 20 years of innovation. Setting industry standards with a complete alternative fuel solution, CleanFUEL USA products offer unsurpassed economic and environmental advantages. Learn more at cleanfuelusa.com.

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