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Rhombus Energy Solutions Announces the General Availability of its Breakthrough Serial Switching DC Fast Charger Dispenser

SAN DIEGO, Calif. —Today, Rhombus Energy Solutions is announcing the launch and general availability of the RES-D3-CS20 DC fast charger dispenser for electric vehicles (EVs). The D3 design allows multiple remote EV charging dispensers to be connected to a single Rhombus power control system (PCS), significantly reducing total electric vehicle support equipment (EVSE) costs for fleet EV deployments. The dispenser is available for immediate ordering.

Most of today’s DC fast charging systems that support remote dispensers have a 1:1 relationship between the dispenser and the PCS; however, for many EV fleet customers and use cases, this approach is not the most economical option. To build a solution that optimizes EVSE investment while minimizing the impact on EV availability, Rhombus consulted with a number of medium/heavy duty (M/HD) EV fleet operators and OEMs on different EVSE concepts and architectures in order to arrive at the configuration of the D3 dispenser. For use cases like electrified school bus fleets and some delivery services, having multiple dispensers that share a PCS significantly reduces overall system costs, which allows customers to maximize their EVSE investments.

“Rhombus is excited to announce the availability of the D3 serial switching dispenser,” said Rick Sander, CEO of Rhombus Energy Solutions. “This dispenser will work with current and future Rhombus power control systems and provides full bi-directional capability to support V2G operation. We believe that the D3 switching dispenser will accelerate the deployment of electric medium and heavy-duty vehicles by significantly reducing EVSE cost per port as well as overall installation costs.”

There are a variety of different options for sharing a PCS across multiple dispensers, each with its own advantages and tradeoffs. Many competitive designs that use one PCS to drive multiple dispensers require a power switching system to connect the dispensers to the PCS, raising overall capital costs. The Rhombus D3 switching dispenser’s state-of-the-art design differs significantly from these competitive products by serially connecting the dispensers to the PCS. The D3 design allows up to five dispensers to be connected serially to a single PCS using one DC power line, which lowers EVSE installation costs by reducing the number of trenches required by up to 80%.

“Our D3 switching DC fast charging dispenser combines cutting-edge high-power technology into a small, space-saving package,” said Joseph Gottlieb, CTO of Rhombus Energy Solutions. “We have talked with a number of our current and prospective customers to understand their needs for a switched charging dispenser architecture for their EV fleets. The D3 switching dispenser meets those needs with industry leading technology and capabilities.”

Rhombus Energy Solutions will be showcasing the D3 dispenser at the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo Conference next week in Long Beach, Calif, in Booth 1807 during the show floor hours on Tuesday August 31st, Wednesday September 1st, and Thursday September 2nd. If you wish to meet with the Rhombus team, please send an email to

About Rhombus Energy Solutions:
Rhombus develops and manufactures next-generation bi-directional electric vehicle charging infrastructure, high-efficiency power conversion systems and energy management system (EMS) software for vehicle-to-grid (V2G) capable electric vehicle fleet charging, energy storage and microgrid applications. The high reliability of our solutions is the result of decades of experience developing high-power systems for a variety of applications and deployment scenarios, including UL-1741-SA system-to-grid solutions. For more information, please visit

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