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IC Bus Propane Option Available for Order

IC Bus announced Monday that customers can now order the propane-powered CE Series. This model comes with an 8.8-liter engine by Power Solutions International (PSI).

A spokesperson for IC Bus confirmed to STN that the buses will be available for delivery starting in July. The company first announced the coming availability of the propane option last September.

“The CE Series bus was purpose-built for the school bus industry and we’re proud of the advancements we continue to make in order to meet our high standards and those of our customers for safety, quality and environmental impact,” said Trish Reed, vice president and general manager at IC Bus.

IC Bus stated that the PSI engine was designed to deliver the highest torque at the lowest speed, which benefits start-and-stop applications to allow more hill-climbing capability and decreases engine noise and vibration among other features.

Both IC Bus and PSI said that these improvements will reduce engine wear, oil usage and the associated maintenance costs.

“Until now, the propane vehicle market had been supported by underpowered engines that run at high speeds to get the required power,” Gary Winemaster, chairman and CEO of PSI told STN last fall. “The PSI 8.8-liter engine is an economic, low-speed solution that boasts diesel-like performance, high durability, reduced noise and overall wear with all the benefits of alternative fuels.”

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