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New Hampshire Legislation Targets Vehicle Inspections, Employee Benefits

The New Hampshire School Transportation Association is tracking a handful of bills that could affect student transporters in the state, including two bills in the House Transportation Committee regarding vehicle inspections.

HB 1585 would remove a requirement that all trucks exceeding 18,000 pounds gross vehicle weight would no longer require semi-annual inspection, but a line item requiring all buses over 10,000 pounds to be insepected semiannually would remain. A fiscal analysis notes that state highway fund revenue would be reduced by almost $32,000 in fiscal year 2013 and by more than $63,000 in fiscal year 2014. New Hampshire Department of Safety currently collects $3.25 for each inspection sticker.

Meanwhile, another bill, HB 1693, seeks to change the annual motor vehicle inspection requirement to every two years but would double the fee for inspection stickers to $6.50 each.

Several bills may affect student transportation employees, and employers. HB1323 would require employers to offer to pro-rated or part-time employees the same benefits full-time employees receive. HB1366 would establish a committee to study seasonal employment and the calculation of unemployment compensation. HB1443 would repeal the limitation that those who are seasonally employed by state or municipal educational institutions are ineligible to receive unemployment benefits.

SB257 in the Senate would provide for the calculation of charges to certain reimbursable employees in reference to unemployment compensation.


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