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September School Bus Safety Month Unanimously Passes Senate Again

Senate Resolution 363 passed last week naming September School Bus Safety Month. It was the ninth consecutive year that all unanimous approval was recorded.

“We’re grateful to all 100 U.S. senators for proving they will set politics aside to unite behind programs that increase the health, safety and transportation of all students,” commented Ward Leber, chairman of the Child Safety Network (CSN), which promoted the resolution.

With 480,000 vehicles nationwide transporting an estimated 26 million students a day and over 4 billion miles a year, the Senate recognizes school busing as the largest mass transportation fleet in the nation and also thanks school bus drivers and professionals for the service they perform each school day.

“School Bus Safety Month is a reminder of the importance of keeping children safe while on their way to and from school. Families across the country trust that their children will be dropped off and picked up from school safely, each and every day – we must ensure that’s the case,” said Sen. Gary Peters of Michigan, also a member of the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee. “This is an opportunity to redouble efforts on school bus safety and highlight new safety initiatives and resources that can make our communities safer for children and families.”

S.R. 363 also urges public and social media broadcasters to air a CSN-produced PSA that dramatizes a student fatality as a result of a motorist illegally passing a school bus stop.

Each fall, CSN distributes free resources and public service announcements that call attention school bus safety.

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