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Amid Falling Fuel Prices, Propane Autogas Remains Low-Price Leader

North Americans have experienced automatic savings at the pump this year. Gasoline and diesel prices are at their lowest since 2009, giving consumers a much-needed break on fuel costs. While low fuel costs are expected to continue, giving consumers and businesses a sense of security in their budgeting when it comes to fueling their vehicles, history has shown a single event could reverse this trend.

Though most consumers believe that these lower prices only affect gasoline and diesel, they also affect propane. Since February 2014, propane has had the greatest decline in price. Propane is down 48 percent, while gasoline is down 39 percent and diesel is down 28 percent. Propane is a better value today more than ever and continues to be the low-cost leader in fuels.

“We highly encourage school districts to continue to look into propane-powered school buses as a viable means of fuel cost savings,” said Trey Jenkins, vice president of alternative fuels for Blue Bird Corporation. “Propane autogas has been and continues to be the low-cost leader in fuel options. Propane-powered school buses will always show more savings based on the total cost of ownership of the vehicle. The lifetime of savings with a propane-powered bus will outweigh those of a comparable diesel-powered one.”

Additionally, many districts have locked-in their low propane prices, through a multiyear contract with their local propane provider.

As a proven leader in propane autogas, Blue Bird has over 4,500 propane buses in operation, six times more than any other manufacturer, and is on its third generation of its fueling system offering the cleanest system in the industry. Propane has gained acceptance not only for its green qualities, but also because of its quieter operation, economical maintenance costs, safety and cold starting performance.

“Any way you look at it, propane-powered school buses have everything a school district needs: a simple way to save dollars and a safe, efficient, clean method of transportation for our children,” says Dale Wendell, chief commercial officer for Blue Bird Corporation. “Propane autogas school buses are the future of student transportation.”

More information can be found at: www.blue-bird.com

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