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Edulog Helps School Transportation Work Smarter and Nimbler

We’re in the midst of a period of profound change for school bus transportation. Gone are the days of pushpins on a map, analog video cameras, and paper lists.
Technology and data have changed student transportation, both how it is delivered and how it is used. Beyond the safe and efficient transport of students to and from school, districts must now provide transparency and visibility into their operations.

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Since the 1980s, Edulog’s core mission has been to empower school districts to transport each child to and from school safely and efficiently. As both a software solutions company and a consultancy company, everything we do is laser-focused on helping transportation teams work smarter and nimbler.

Planning the Best Student Transportation Possible

Smart transportation starts with a routing and planning platform capable of managing multiple aspects of your transportation system in one consolidated system. With driver shortages, rising costs, and an ongoing pandemic, it is more important than ever that your operation is lean and efficient and that you’re able to adapt quickly and safely.

Edulog’s routing system enables your team to create what-if scenarios to stay prepared for alternating schedules, navigate shortages of resources, and quickly develop and implement options to respond to changing circumstances. It is all backed by more than 40 years of experience and the innovation that only Edulog can provide.

Managing for the Unexpected

Change is a constant factor in school transportation management. Weather, resource shortages, and mechanical issues can all disrupt the process. We need technology that helps us move beyond reacting to problems to avoiding them entirely.

For these reasons, Edulog has developed a solution that increases the accuracy of telematics reporting. Telematics (GPS/AVL) and routing are no longer separate entities. With the Edulog telematics system, users can view live GPS data or load AVL templates to compare planned and actual data in the same system and on the same screen.

Furthermore, Edulog’s Intelligent Substitution Detection and management of Effective Dates for student transportation allow districts to more accurately report their data without intervention from drivers or routers.

Great Communication Starts with Quality Data

Many parents are accustomed to using apps for ride-hailing or food delivery services and expect the same level of functionality and user convenience from a school bus notification app. Transportation departments can now offer an integrated parent app that allows parents to access their child’s transportation schedule, to receive messages from the district and, with GPS, to see the most recent bus location and receive notifications when the bus is arriving.

But providing information to parents means that the information has to be accurate! Edulog’s suite is the only solution that supports the data quality needed to meet today’s transparency demands.

With the Edulog app, parents can request new transportation for their children, provide feedback and suggestions, notify the department of changes to an address or school of attendance, and receive automatic notifications of their child’s new busing plan when it is approved.

Making Data-Driven Decisions

For those districts that need extra support in understanding their organization and data, Edulog’s Advisory Services team will help you face the toughest challenges and plan for the road ahead. Our team has extensive experience in student transportation and is staffed with former district transportation directors and data analysts.

Work with us to identify opportunities for coronavirus financial relief, plan for school return, determine which riders require bus service, and build effective transportation models for your district.

Furthermore, our work doesn’t stop when the analysis is over. Our advisors can act as advocates for you when making major changes that require district approval.

Why Choose Edulog?

What makes the Edulog system so valuable to school districts like yours is that it supports all phases of transportation administration: planning, managing, communicating, reporting, decision-making, and more.

This integration of all functions is crucial to ensuring that districts can meet the challenges facing them today: knowing what school buses are doing at all times, communicating that information to parents and schools, and creating new transportation plans to accommodate changing circumstances.

Contact Edulog today to see how we can help you.

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