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WATCH: How to Navigate Seat Belts on School Buses

Add Iowa to the list of states requiring seat belts on school buses. As more and more districts across the country improve their students’ safety and drivers enjoy improved student behavior, other states are likely to follow Iowa’s lead.

Now with the support of NHTSA, NASDPTS, and The American Academy of Pediatrics, lap-shoulder belts on school buses look more inevitable than ever, but what’s involved with making the switch?

Adding seat belts to your fleet might seem like a daunting challenge. The school board needs to buy in. So do parents. And then there is the actual implementation and student and driver training that comes with it. It may seem like too much to tackle, but it doesn’t have to feel or be that way.

The good news is adding lap-shoulder belts doesn’t have to be overwhelming. A lot of districts have experienced what works and what doesn’t, and their insights can help you pave the way for a smoother, more successful, transition. That’s why SafeGuard recently assembled a panel of experts to share their knowledge in a free STN webinar, available to watch on-demand below.

The panel includes:

  • Matt Chaplin, Aftermarket Sales and Service Manager for SafeGuard/IMMI
  • Chris Darling, Executive Director of the Iowa Pupil Transportation Association
  • Monica Coburn, Student Transportation Account Manager for SafeGuard and former Transportation Director of Indianapolis Public Schools, Franklin Township Schools, and Bartholomew County Schools, as well as the former president of the School Transportation Association of Indiana
  • Tom Cohn, Director of Transportation for Helena Public Schools
  • Diana S. Hollander, Retired State Director Pupil Transportation for the Nevada Department of Education and former President of NASDPTS

They share why they chose to make the move to lap-shoulder belts, and how that choice has benefited their students and their drivers.

The panel covers these important topics:

  • Successful implementation strategies
  • Usage policies
  • Seat belt maintenance
  • Overcoming objections like, “seat belts slow evacuations” with facts
  • What routes should get lap-shoulder belts first
  • And the significant impact seat belts have on student behavior

This webinar offers you expert advice you won’t get anywhere else, and it’s free. Plus, you’ll gain access to sample documents for parents, drivers, and school board members as well as a step-by-step implementation guide, a usage guide, and more.

Learn what works and get the tools you need to make implementing lap-shoulder belts a success for you and your district. Watch this free SafeGuard and STN webinar today.


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