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Late Buses & Angry Parents: Our Incident Management System Can Help

Think of TransPar’s IMS as your organization’s Response Center.

If you’re still using Post-It® Notes and a whiteboard to log parent calls, or if you want greater insights into safety trends and accident resolution across your transportation operation, keep reading.

While the common themes of safety, reliability, and on-time service are pillars of most school transportation systems, customer service and communication are just as critical. No operation is without its challenges, but as incidents and issues present themselves, they must be accurately recorded, properly communicated, and sufficiently followed through in order for your operation to be successful.

The Traditional Incident Management Scenario

A surprising percentage of transportation departments are still using hand-written notes to log safety issues and customer complaints. These notes, if not lost or misplaced before they are received by the appropriate team member, are eventually thrown away with no ability to be reported on, referred to again, or resolved.

Lack of follow-up leads to poor customer service. And patterns of poor customer service lead to a loss of trust in the transportation department from all stakeholders involved – including school district leadership, students, their parents, and the local community.

Transpar’s Incident Management System

TransPar’s IMS is a web-based program designed to create a trail for management and staff to easily recall an incident, review and develop safety reports, and ensure all incidents are properly – and thoroughly – addressed to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

Our digital IMS software gives transportation operators the ability to record, track, and tabulate service complaints and accidents in a secure and reliable database. When an incident occurs, a trained team member enters it into the system, thereby generating a ticket number, time and date stamps, and a designated priority level.

TransPar’s IMS allows for ongoing control within the system and facilitates clear communication between the transportation department and the district, while the system’s new Student Management module allows users to create and track referrals for student conduct reporting on the school bus.

Customer Service is Critical

Parent concerns and the occasional late bus are routine parts of life in a transportation department, but they still require attention. And accidents are going to happen, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be learned from.

Consistent use of our IMS can clearly document your commitment not only to ensuring that critical incidents and complaints are resolved in a timely manner, but it also demonstrates a commitment to better understanding the types of incidents and safety trends your operation experiences over time.

As school districts continue to navigate the challenges of operating within the scope of the pandemic, TransPar has furthered our commitment to being a thoughtful, innovative, and responsive ally to the industry. There has never been a more important time to reimagine and improve upon the way students are served through transportation.

Want to learn more? Register for our free IMS demo event and webinar on February 23, 2022, at 1 p.m. EST/10 a.m. PST.

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