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Protect Your School Buses with Efficient and Effective Surface Disinfectants

When staff members are busy with their day-to-day activities, then have the added challenge of extra cleaning and disinfecting work, a one-step disinfectant can help streamline your processes and protocols.

Reducing cross-contamination between hands and surfaces is key to helping eliminate illness-causing germs throughout the fleet. Dashboards, handrails, and similar areas can be sanitized quickly and easily.

PURELL® Professional Surface Disinfectant is available in a gallon-size bottle with a battery-powered sprayer so large areas can be covered in less time for staff to thoroughly clean and disinfect vehicles and keep the fleet running smoothly.

Convenience goes beyond just the application of a surface disinfectant, however. Some products need to stay on surfaces for several minutes to be effective, some leave a residue behind, and others may need to be rinsed off. PURELL® Surface Disinfectant Spray and Wipes are different:

  • Proven to eliminate 99.9% of viruses and bacteria
  • Work on a variety of both hard and soft surfaces
  • Use no harsh chemicals

From the chemicals of concern and precautionary statements to the allergy triggers and sustainability profile, surface disinfecting products shouldn’t require choosing between effectiveness against germs and low-toxicity ingredients. Products that feature statements like, “Causes eye irritation” or, “Wash hands after use” should be avoided if possible, in favor of low-toxicity products.

So when a vehicle is disinfected with low-toxicity products like PURELL Surface Disinfecting Spray and Wipes, peace of mind means more than just eliminating germs.

Visit our blog for more information on choosing low-toxicity surface disinfectants.

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