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Safety Starts With the School Bus

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When it comes to getting our children to school safely, we can take all the precautions in the world. Make sure children get to the bus stop well ahead of time and stand away from the curb. Warn them not to run and play around while they wait for the bus. Tell them not to get onto the bus till the door opens.

But in the end, safety starts in the bus. That’s where you need eyes and ears on everything happening in and especially around the school bus.

That’s why Rosco puts itself in the driver’s seat when designing safety products. Drivers go through rigorous safety training to qualify for their profession. They know they need to always check the bus perimeter, drive slowly in school zones and stay alert at all times.

But sometimes that’s not enough.

According to Stanford Children’s Health, “each year, about 17,000 children are treated in hospital emergency rooms for injuries associated with school buses.”

Rosco’s vision safety products give bus drivers that extra edge to minimize risk and maximize safety. It’s all about having the best possible visual coverage around the vehicle. One of the biggest obstacles for bus drivers, is not being able to see what’s in their blind spot or danger zones.

“Rosco’s vision safety system increases visibility around the bus and hence safety too,” says Matthew Winkler, director of transportation for Fort Thomas Independent Schools in Kentucky.

He purchased Rosco’s Safe-T-Scope360 to use on a 2020 Bluebird Type D 78-seat bus. The system has four cameras, each with a 185º field of vision. It can display images separately or stitch them together to create a 360º view of the vehicle that is shown on Rosco’s MOR-Vision® mirror/monitor.

It’s the kind of system that leaves nothing to chance.

“We’ve been using it for a year-and-a-half now, and you really get used to having the capability to view around the bus. As soon as you switch to a bus without it, you realize the added benefit and how much it increases safety,” Winkler stated.

Having a 360° aerial view not only exposes blinds spots, it also gives drivers a clear picture of what’s happening on the sides of vehicles.

When drivers using Rosco’s Safe-T-Scope360 system signal for a turn, go into reverse or open their doors, the system is automatically triggered to show drivers the most pertinent camera angle on the monitor.

Drivers who are about to reverse into a blind spot know exactly what they’re up against thanks to the expanded side vision too. This is especially useful in larger buses and on narrow roads. It dramatically decreases the risk of collision with vulnerable road users, such as pedestrians and cyclists.

Rosco’s vision safety system has other benefits as well.

It can help to prevent expensive vehicle repairs and keep insurance premiums low. It can even help to prevent property claims, as well as staggering personal injury costs. And the interior and exterior video capabilities are an invaluable tool for monitoring driver performance and student security.

But first and foremost, the system was built to save lives and prevent injury, to safeguard the safety of school children, drivers and other road users.

As Winkler says, “Increasing safety comes at a cost, but this cost is well worth it.”

Learn more at roscovision.com. Contact us at 866-517-3862 or sales@roscovision.com.

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