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School Bus Blog of Clothing Company Cracks Up Readers

A new blog posted at ScaryMommy.com is cracking up readers and school bus drivers alike, with “10 Things Not To Say To Your Kids’ Bus Driver.”

Sara Opel, a mother of two boys and a third-generation school bus driver in rural Vermont, writes about preferring to deal with school kids, not the adults, who on many days “make it all worthwhile.”

She adds that she “love[s] ‘my’ kids and all the crazy things they say and do. But the adults I have to deal with? Lets just say that I’m glad that it’s the kids that I drive around.”

That’s especially true with car drivers driving blindly: “You didn’t see me? The BIG YELLOW bus with the FLASHING LIGHTS and the FLASHING STOP SIGN? Should you even be allowed to drive?,” Opel stresses.

She discusses school bus safety, and said the school bus doesn’t need seat belts and instead relies on tall, padded seats. She adds that she couldn’t see if students were buckled up or not, anyway, though she must be referring to lap belts when she writes that the students could use them as weapons.

“Basically, in your average car vs. bus collision, … the bus WILL win,” Opel says.

She also addresses bullying: “Sadly this happens. We do our best to take care of it.” She reminds parents that, yes, it really was their kid who tried to strangle another.

Opel can also be found on Facebook with a page titled “Tales from the Yellow Monster.” Her blog post can also be found on apparel site GearPillows.com, which includes several articles on school buses.

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