July 2021

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This issue of School Transportation News contains articles on fleet electrification, stop-arm technology, the transition from 3G to to 5G, and how it will affect the student transportation industry.

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The Future is Now
Groundbreaking new technology alerts motorists when they are approaching a school zone, or when a school bus has deployed its stop arm. 

Don’t Take Funding for Granted
Stockton Unified School District in California is among the growing number of green fleets nationwide that are providing roadmaps for how to obtain electric buses and implement charge management systems. 

Bell Times Changes
Changing bell times does more than help with the driver shortage. It can provide students with more sleep and allow for more efficient and equitable routing. 

Special Reports

The New Dawn of Connectivity
As 3G communications edge closer toward obsolescence, student transporters and technology providers discuss the benefits of Wi-Fi and 5G for school buses and student connectivity.

Battle Lines Drawn in Fight Over Quebec Consumption of Electric School Buses
Not everyone is pleased with a stipulation that only electric school buses assembled in Canada are eligible for provincial program funding. 


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Thought Leader by Robert T. Pudlewski 
Potential Pandemic Influence On School Bus Replacement And Repair

Thought Leader by Richard Fischer
The Unfortunate Answer is ‘No’ 

Publisher’s Corner by Tony Corpin
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