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Adomani Powered Electric School Buses Provide Emission-Free Commutes

In October, the U.S. observed National School Bus Safety week, a time to promote the importance of school bus safety for parents, students and motorists. Adomani (NASDAQ: ADOM), which creates all-electric and hybrid drivetrains for buses, develops emission-free electric vehicles, including school buses, to also ensure that the environment is safe as well.

Blue Bird, the country’s leading independent designer and manufacturer of school buses, exclusively uses Adomani drivetrains on its line of electric school buses. Adomani is also the only electric drivetrain manufacturer that works in line with OEM parts, further reducing operating costs and maintenance expenses.

“Electric vehicles are now widely known for their environmental benefits,” says John Roselli, vice president sales and marketing at Adomani. “What many people don’t realize is how that affects people in the form of reduced emissions and exhaust fumes. School buses are the country’s largest form of public transportation and creating a product that protects our children, as well as our planet, is one of our top priorities.”

To date, Adomani, as power provider for Blue Bird Bus, has quoted more than 250 school buses and recently delivered eight completed electric school buses.

Additionally, Adomani is planning to continue its support to Blue Bird Bus with its Ride and Drive demonstration events. This campaign allows school districts to request a demonstration of a Blue Bird electric bus powered by Adomani for their school board and administration members. The demo consists of riding on an electric bus powered by Adomani with detailed information about the environmental and financial benefits of switching to electric buses.

School administrators who are interested in bringing a Ride and Drive event to their district, please contact John Roselli, vice president of sales and marketing, at 951-407-9860.

For more information on Adomani, please visit www.adomanielectric.com or follow them on Facebook.

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