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AngelTrax Unveils Its Groundbreaking High-Definition Camera Line

NEWTON, Ala. — AngelTrax, a leading supplier of in-vehicle digital video surveillance technology, today announced a revolutionary new line of onboard interior and exterior high-definition cameras, featuring HD quality 800TV-lines of resolution, waterproof IP68 certified stainless-steel housing and Smart Infrared technology coupled with advanced dual exposure image processing — vastly improving nighttime and low light video capture.

Precision-engineered to deliver unparalleled picture and sound quality for transit applications, the AngelTrax HD camera line includes nine cameras with varying fields of view ranging from focused 20-degree to wide-angle 120-degree capture.

“We listened to our customers needs for even higher quality video and responded by creating nine high-definition cameras that would not only endure extreme conditions experienced on the road, but also reliably capture the highest quality image possible that would consistently stand up in court as admissible evidence,” said Richie Howard, AngelTrax’s president.

AngelTrax high-definition quality cameras set a new standard for mobile surveillance system performance. Each camera features a one-third inch Sony HD CCD image sensor and 800TV-lines of resolution. AngelTrax high-definition camera systems have the ability to record in 60 frames-per-second at 1280 x 720 resolution. Recorded and live video images look astonishingly sharp and realistic. The sophisticated proprietary H.4L compression used by AngelTrax DVR systems, efficiently compresses video footage — freeing space for more footage stored onboard and enhancing hands-free wireless transfer.

Nighttime and low light condition capture, such as dawn and dusk, is now clearer than ever. Built-in Smart Infrared and Super Ultra Wide Dynamic (SWDR) technology allow AngelTrax HD cameras to automatically adapt to unpredictable lighting conditions experienced in mobile environments. Smart Infrared automatically modifies the luminosity emitted by built-in infrared LEDs to compensate as the subject moves closer or further away from the camera. Cutting-edge SWDR technology blends together two separate images (a dark exposure and a light exposure) for each frame of video captured by an AngelTrax HD camera — producing an ideally exposed picture.

Each camera is waterproof IP68 certified and features a shatter resistant glass lens cover that eliminates water and moisture buildup in the optic area – protecting its crystal clear capture. The cover is also vacuum-sealed to a stainless steel, vandal-proof cast housing, providing a durable environment for the high-definition lens.

High-definition quality cameras include:

  • high-definition quality picture with 800TV-lines of resolution and a one-third inch Sony HD CCD image sensor;
  • an omni-directional noise-gated microphone that functions as an equalizer by compensating for audio distortions and amplifying desired frequencies, such as the human voice frequency;
  • waterproof IP68 certified, vandal-proof stamped metal housing;
  • anti-glare, shatter resistant glass lens cover;
  • advanced dual exposure technology — Super Ultra Wide Dynamic (SWDR) — automatically adjusts exposure frame-by-frame to capture optimum picture detail;
  • backlight compensation technology (BLC) and highlight compensation technology (HDC) optimize light levels to deliver the best image quality;
  • Smart Infrared technology eliminates exposure issues and captures image detail at all light levels;
  • the Digital Slow Shutter (DDS) feature illuminates typically dark environments by increasing the length of time the shutter remains open to collect additional ambient light;
  • 3D/2D dynamic digital noise reduction diminishes grain and noise from video capture to provide clearer capture under poor lighting conditions;
  • digital Demist automatically sharpens video that is altered by the elements, such as rain, snow, haze and fog.
  • 90-degree adjustable angle; and
  • a three year factory warranty.

The high-definition cameras are compatible with all AngelTrax DVR systems, and can be installed on school buses, paratransit services, mass transit systems, law enforcement vehicles and locomotives.

For more details on AngelTrax’s high-definition cameras, visit www.angeltrax.com/HD.

About AngelTrax: 
AngelTrax is a leading designer, manufacturer and provider of in-vehicle mobile surveillance for the student transit, mass transit, waste management, law enforcement and rail industries. AngelTrax drives the market with state-of-the-art products, including patented Hybrid Component™ DVR and Virtual Synchronized Mapping™ technologies. Coupled with top of the line high-definition cameras and cutting-edge, real-time live view and tracking solutions — AngelTrax develops products for every mobile surveillance need. For additional company information, call 1-800-673-1788 or visit www.angeltrax.com.

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