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Apollo Video Technology Awarded Contract with First Student to Equip 700 Buses

BUFFALO, N.Y., June 3, 2010 – Apollo Video Technology will install video surveillance solutions in 693 Buffalo School District buses operated by First Student. First Student is the leading manufacturer in safe, reliable, sustainable transportation and is the largest provider of student transportation services in North America.

The contract for equipment and installation of the RoadRunner school bus video surveillance systems will begin immediately, to equip school buses in time for the start of the 2010-2011 school year. Each system integrates GPS capabilities, already outfitted on the buses, enabling synchronization with the video systems. This feature makes it possible for district officials and first responders to search for video based on the bus route location to ensure school bus safety, monitor school bus activity and respond immediately to safety or security concerns.

As requested in Buffalo School District’s RFP, each bus will be equipped with a RoadRunner system, a minimum of two cameras per school bus and audio recording capabilities. These systems will document vital video evidence of student pick-up and drop-off locations, deter vandalism and negative student behavior, and protect drivers from false claims.

“This solution gives school district administrators access to the tools and technology necessary to respond to any incidents that may occur and enhance safety on-board the buses,” said Rodell Notbohm, general manager of Apollo Video Technology. “The RoadRunner solution will provide the District with video, audio recording and pertinent information in the event of an incident.”

The Buffalo School District selected Apollo Video’s system with flexibility and future upgradability in mind. With modest upgrades, the RoadRunner system, paired with cellular capabilities and Local Area Networks (LANs), would allow district personnel to view real-time video, location and vehicle speed information of the entire fleet. These features also make it possible for first responders to obtain full viewing access of live video and playback recordings from in-vehicle laptop computers, while in the vicinity of the bus.

“Video surveillance solutions, with wireless capabilities and GPS information, are becoming crucial components of school bus fleets everywhere,” said Notbohm. “These tools allow transportation supervisors, district administrators and enforcement officials to easily view and obtain video from any of the buses in real-time.”

For more information on the RoadRunner™ school bus camera system, please visit: http://www.apollovideotechnology.com/applications/pupil-transportation/

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About Apollo Video Technology
Apollo Video Technology (www.avt-usa.com) is a leading manufacturer of on-board and in-car digital surveillance systems for public transit, school transportation, law enforcement, military, freight transport, and fire and EMS applications. With government and private-sector installations throughout North America and worldwide, Apollo Video’s Mil-Spec and SAE rated RoadRunner line of video and audio systems simplifies real-time video capture and reduces overall costs with exceptional quality, durability and easy offloading of video.

 Since its release in 2004, The RoadRunner system has been installed in over 260 agencies worldwide – representing over 6,000 total implementations. Apollo Video Technology has been selected to provide digital video and audio surveillance systems by prominent public agencies such as Chicago METRA, King County METRO, Kansas City Area Transit Authority, Edmonton Transit System, Los Angeles County Metro Transportation Authority, City of Lincoln Nebraska and Winnipeg Transit.

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