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Decade Old Long Live Auction Moves to Online Format due to COVID-19

SANDUSKY, Mich, — For over a decade, schools in West Michigan have gathered the week after the fourth of July for an annual live bus auction. Buyers from all over the world fly in to attend. Many districts in the area would sell their retired buses, vehicles, and equipment. For many years, this auction was one of the most successful bus auctions in a five-state area.

There were several conversations, but we finally made the decision to move this annual event to an online format. We have had an online auction service for many years, but when something is so successful, it is hard to change it.

We do not know for sure if we will go back to a live format. I think districts will like the changes the online format brings, but it will depend on entirely the results and what professional recommendations come from the Government. Our history with this live auction has always produced industry record high prices. Our buyers can see the difference in road quality/maintenance form the road crews, which translates into higher quality surplus vs those in opposite areas of the state where potholes are more prevalent and their buses are more “beat up”. While CIS Auctions is the top bus auction company for several states, Grand Rapids area districts will tend to produce sometimes 50-80% higher results for similar buses.

CIS Auctions and School officials have agreed to move in this direction, and we will analyze the results to determine the best course of action for future years.

Anyone interested in bidding on school surplus is encouraged to signup for our email notifications on our website at www.cisauctions.com

Any school districts seeking a professional company to handle their bus liquidations can contact us at 810-687-3812 or benthebusman@gmail.com

ABOUT CIS Auctions
CIS Auctions has been working with hundreds of schools across the nation to sell their retired buses since 1982. Top schools and private bus service companies in the country use our auction services on a regular basis. We have documented cases of producing 325 percent higher returns than the companies that try to compete with us. Schools love us because of the returns we reel in for them on otherwise junk assets.

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