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Forest River Bus is First to Make Backup Camera System as Standard

ELKHART, Ind. — Forest River Bus, the industry leader in safety, is the first bus company in the U.S. to equip its buses with a standard rear camera and driver viewing monitor for safe reverse operations.
Forest River Bus, in collaboration with Rosco Vision Systems, will install an automatic camera system that will provide rear video images to drivers, in order to help them make informed safety and operational decisions. It is designed to turn on and off automatically, providing outstanding visual images in both day and night conditions to aid the driver.

The size and placement of the back-up camera system is nondistracting to the driver and unobtrusive in the cockpit while not in use. The system will be covered by Forest River’s unprecedented 5-year/100,000 mile warranty.

David Wright, president of Forest River Bus Divisions, said, “Forest River Bus has always been committed to making safety a top priority. We were the first to install seat belts as standard equipment in all our buses. Now we are taking safety one step further by installing a back-up camera system as standard equipment. From our perspective, safety should never be optional.”

Ben Englander, CEO of Rosco Vision Systems stated, “Our relationship with Forest River goes back many years, even beyond camera systems to more traditional vision safety products like mirrors. We knew the day would come where cameras would be standard by law or by choice, and we applaud Forest River Bus for choosing the path to safety ahead of mandatory requirements. We have all heard that buses are not permitted to back-up by procedure, but in actuality, we know they back-up all the time. By having an effective safety solution, we mitigate risk on every level and take the subjectivity out of safety.”

Forest River, Inc., is one of America’s leading manufacturers of recreational vehicles, pontoon boats, cargo trailers and buses. It is a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, one of the most financially secure and well-respected companies in the world.


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