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FutureSafe Securement System Helps Wheelchair Users with Upper Extremity Issues

HUDSON, Ohio — FutureSafe securement system helps wheelchair users with upper extremity issues, the company announced today.

eFutureSafe / FutureSafe Head & Backrest / Seatbelt Anchorage

The AMF-Bruns head and backrest anchorage system is available in two models:

  • eFutureSafe (automatic)
  • FutureSafe (manual)

With two quick movements, each system locks behind the wheelchair passenger or driver, to provide maximum security.

Features for Both Systems:

  • Allows wheelchair passenger or driver with upper extremity issues to travel safely.
  • Turns inwards toward the vehicle wall when the vehicle is without a wheelchair. A single seat can easily be fitted to the empty position.
  • Can withstand 15G rear and 20G frontal collisions.
  • Crash and sled tests clearly show the highest level of safety in a rear impact.
  • Emergency Release.
  • Meets all applicable regulations.

eFutureSafe vs. FutureSafe

The biggest difference between the two systems is that eFutureSafe is automatic. The hand-controlled adjustment power feature provides customized head, back and neck adjustments. Regarding shoulder belts, eFutureSafe is connected to the vehicle’s B-pillar, using the OEM shoulder belt. FutureSafe contains its own integrated certified shoulder belt.

About AMF Bruns

The AMF Bruns vision in 1958 was to be the global leader in wheelchair and occupant securements. We invented the 1st wheelchair safety and anchoring system. Opportunity knocked. In 2015, our goal became reality with the launch of our North American headquarters.

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