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HopSkipDrive, Leader in Safe Youth Transportation, Sets COVID-Safe Ride Standards for Youth Transportation

Los Angeles — HopSkipDrive, the safe and innovative transportation platform for school districts, government agencies, senior citizens and families announced today that they continue to set industry safety standards with the launch of their COVID-Safe Ride Standards for youth transportation. This is a natural move for the platform company, which takes an innovative and proactive approach to safety. The COVID-Safe Ride Standards will be fully rolled out in all markets by Aug 1 of this year.

HopSkipDrive’s COVID-Safe Ride Standards are intended to heighten protections for Riders and CareDrivers who use its platform to connect with one another for transportation needs. In addition to complying with local regulations, HopSkipDrive engaged public health experts to set the bar for how to enhance safety features so that CareDrivers can deliver safe rides in the time of COVID. The company believes these standards — some of which HopSkipDrive will be the first to implement — should become accepted practice within the youth transportation industry as a whole.

The HopSkipDrive COVID-Safe Ride Standards will work to:

  • Promote the safest in-ride environment for CareDrivers and Riders.
    • Consistent with CDC recommendations, CareDrivers must wear face coverings and proper personal protective equipment during rides; Riders are also asked to follow CDC and local guidelines on wearing personal protective equipment.
    • Plastic dividers between the front and back seat will be used in every vehicle. HopSkipDrive will be one of the first transportation network companies in the country to adopt plastic dividers as a standard operating procedure.
    • Vehicle cleaning and disinfecting between rides following CDC recommendations.
    • Requiring Ride Organizers to assist Riders, as needed, to find their ride and load into the vehicle to reduce contact between CareDriver and Rider. HopSkipDrive also asks Ride Organizers to follow CDC and local guidelines by keeping Riders home if they show COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Provide CareDrivers and Ride Organizers with critical safety resources.
    • HopSkipDrive believes education is key to safety and connects CareDrivers with safe driving resources. The company will provide COVID-Safe Rides Standards resources for Ride Organizers and CareDrivers. In addition, in-app notifications will continue to remind Ride Organizers and CareDrivers of COVID-Safe Ride Standards and best practices.
  • Promote healthy interactions between CareDrivers, Riders and Ride Organizers.
    • HopSkipDrive uses innovative technology and in-app features to bring COVID-Safe Rides Standards to CareDrivers and enables real-time feedback from CareDrivers, Riders and Ride Organizers.
    • HopSkipDrive has partnered with telehealth company Ro to connect CareDrivers with free telehealth screenings.
    • In-app features enable CareDrivers to affirm they are asymptomatic and have not been exposed to COVID-19 prior to offering rides through the platform.
  • Minimize exposure through anonymous COVID-19 exposure reporting.
    • HopSkipDrive will facilitate anonymous COVID-19 exposure reporting, to the extent that user’s privacy interests remain protected.

Co-founder and CEO of HopSkipDrive Joanna McFarland says, “Since we founded this company, the safety of our team, and the CareDrivers and Riders who use HopSkipDrive to arrange transportation for youth, is always number one in our minds. During this pandemic, I knew we had to continue our safety leadership by creating a set of rigorous safety standards that will enable CareDriver to carry on operations with minimal risk to themselves and to riders. Additionally, we believe setting the bar with our COVID-Safe Ride Standards will encourage our users and other companies in the youth transportation marketplace to follow our lead and adopt these life-saving measures as well. We’re proud to step out and lead this effort.”

About HopSkipDrive

Designed by protective moms, HopSkipDrive is the innovator in providing a safe, dependable youth transportation platform to connect schools, districts, government agencies, and families with professional, experienced CareDrivers offering their transportation services. The advanced technology platform and industry-leading operational expertise provide unparalleled flexibility, visibility and safety. With the mission to create opportunity for all through mobility, HopSkipDrive has expanded to eight states and 13 major markets since 2014.


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