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Home Industry Releases MDZ Shield to Help Prevent School Bus Danger Zone Student Deaths

MDZ Shield to Help Prevent School Bus Danger Zone Student Deaths

INDIANAPOLIS — During the STN Expo in Indianapolis, Indiana, Mark B. Barron, innovator and founder of Public Transportation Safety International Corp., honored Cook-Illinois Corp., the largest family-owned and operated school bus contractor in the United States, for being the first contractor to install the MDZ Shield F (Front) & R (Rear) Minimized Danger Zone safety technology on new Blue Bird and IC buses. The MDZ Shield closes the school bus danger zone gap, which helps prevent wheel rollover deaths and injuries.

The STN Expo trade show was held on June 11, 2019, at the Indianapolis Convention Center. PTS, which is headquartered in Los Angeles, has been in the transportation safety business for 26 years. PTS is a world leader in mass transit safety for pedestrians and cyclists. PTS has successfully installed its safety systems on major fleets in North America, Sweden, World Disney theme parks, universities and international airports.

As an established world leader in transportation safety, PTS realizes the school bus industry budget restraints make it difficult for extra equipment add-ons. PTS will donate parts and installation at no cost to qualified contractors that agree to add them on to their next bus order cycle. Charlie Bruce and John BeGasse of Transportation Advisory Group, and lead PTS consultants, can be reached for details on how to purchase without any add-on costs. Phone them at: 518-424-0040.

Monica Matulich, public relations specialist for Public Transportation Safety, attended the STN Expo Trade Show. Attendees were able to discuss the proactive barrier exterior safety control system with radar sensor option, which when combined, is the most advanced level of danger zone safety technology.

About Cook-Illinois Corp.

Cook-Illinois Corp. operates 2,300 school buses that service over 200 school districts in the Chicago area and is one of the top-six national contractors. John Benish, Jr., an innovator in the student transportation industry while operating his father’s namesake company for more than four decades, is a leader in school bus safety. He is the president-elect of the National School Transportation Association. Cook-Illinois transports over 7 million schoolchildren a year.

About Public Transportation Safety

PTS has been a world leader in mass transit safety for pedestrians and cyclists since 1993 and produces the S-1 GARD Dangerzone Deflector for transit buses. The equipment is a widely-deployed safety product that is designed to deflect a person out of the path of the wheels, preventing rollover. It is installed on bus fleets worldwide, and is used in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and Stockholm, and many others. It has been praised for mitigating fatalities and catastrophic injuries.

About the MDZ Shield F (Front) & R (Rear)

The MDZ Shield R (Rear) is made of high-performance BASF urethane and is bolted to the bus’ auxiliary floor cross members near the right rear wheel well. The MDZ Shield R closes the two-foot gap that leaves children exposed to the right rear wheel during loading and unloading in the Danger Zone. The MDZ Shield safety system for school buses (similar to the S-1 Gard) is designed to deflect a person away from the path of the rear dual wheels, thus preventing rollover.

The MDZ Shield F (Front) is made of high-performance BASF urethane that attaches to the vehicle’s front bumper. The device shields children from being run over by the right and left front wheels.

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