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New York-Based Company Unveils Automatic Disinfection System for School Buses

Spray Safe system automatically disinfects school bus in matter of seconds

HUNTINGTON, N.Y. — Proactive, Inc. announced today that they are ready to take orders for their innovative Spray Safe 19 school bus disinfection system. Spray Safe 19 is designed to easily disinfect school buses with CDC and EPA approved solutions and eliminates labor costs associated with disinfecting school buses once installed.

The Spray Safe System 19, which partially gets its name from the COVID-19 virus, safely and efficiently sanitizes the surfaces touched by children riding school buses. Once installed, the system can be programed to automatically disinfect the school bus in between routes, at the end of the day, or at any time deemed necessary by the school district or private contractor.

The Safe Spray system is attached to the ceiling of the school bus (Image courtesy of Proactive Inc.)

Once activated, the system takes just 5-10 seconds to spray the inside of the bus and requires 10 minutes of dwell time for disinfection – all of which is done automatically and with zero labor costs. The system is relatively undetectable on the school bus and integrates seamlessly within the school bus requiring minimal electrical and structural adjustments.

“Our Spray Safe System 19 virtually eliminates any labor associated with disinfecting school buses,” said Michael Chiavola. “The system even allows school districts and private school bus operators to use disinfecting solutions that they may have already invested in, so many school districts will have no additional expense associated with purchasing new disinfectant solutions.”

Developer of the Spray Safe 19 disinfection system, Michael Chiavola making one of the systems (Image courtesy of Proactive Inc.)

The system is compatible with numerous EPA-approved disinfecting solutions that are already on the market, like VitalOxide and AirX44 Ace. Chiovola says there are even companies in the market that are working on organic solutions for the system.

Spray Safe System 19 was developed by Michael Chiavola of Proactive, Inc. Chiavola, who owns and operates Miracle Workers Cleaning Systems on Long Island, New York, saw a need for school districts and private contractors to reduce labor costs associated with disinfecting school buses and to help them stop the spread of COVID-19 and other germs in a more efficient way. He says the patent pending Spray Safe System 19 virtually eliminates the labor-intensive nature of disinfecting school buses.

“While I developed the system as a way to help school districts stop the spread of COVID-19, our system can be used year-round to prevent other viruses and germs that tend to spread from school to home like the flu virus,” said Chiavola. “As experts in the cleaning and disinfection business, we understand the labor-intensive nature of cleaning and disinfecting vehicles and facilities, so one of the prerequisites for designing our system for use on school buses, transit buses, trains and airplanes was that it had to eliminate the labor component of the disinfecting process.”

Additionally, Chiavola believed the system needed to be easy to install, so easy that school districts and private school bus contractors could install the systems themselves if they wanted to. Another cost driver typically associated with disinfecting school buses is the solutions that are used, the nice thing about the system designed by Proactive, Inc. is that it is designed to use minimal amounts of solution for maximum disinfection, which helps reduce the cost of purchasing the CDC and EPA approved disinfectant.

The system typically takes 2-4 hours per bus to install and then a matter of seconds to either push the button to spray the bus or program it to automatically spray the bus in between routes.

The system has received approval for use on school buses by the New York State Department of Education and the New York State Department of Transportation. Chiavola expects the first system to be installed in New York State within the next month or so.

About Proactive Inc.

The Spray Safe 19 disinfection system was developed by Michael Chiavola, an expert in commercial disinfection and cleaning, to help improve and reduce the costs associated with the disinfection process of school buses and mass transit. Proactive Inc. located in Huntington, NY, is an offshoot of Chiavola’s other company, Miracle Workers Cleaning Systems, which has been providing professional commercial disinfection and cleaning services to the greater Long Island, New York area for over 35 years.

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