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Opti-Luxx unveils new LED Retroreflective Destination Sign

HUDSONVILLE, Mich. — Opti-Luxx announced today the launch of its highly anticipated LED Retroreflective Destination Sign. The development of the Destination Sign was in direct response to the requests from our OEM and other customer partners who desired improvements to the existing signage options available for school buses.

The unique design of the sign clearly distinguishes it from others in the market, and offers a clean, streamlined look when installed on school buses. The new LED sign marks another leading-edge Opti-Luxx product and follows the company’s exacting standards for quality and visual appeal.

“We love listening to our customers and hearing about what they need and then driving forward to meet those needs,” said Sarah Subdon, Sales and Marketing Manager. “Our customers told us they desired improvements to the existing identification signage options available for school buses. So, to meet that need, Opti-Luxx engineers took a methodical approach to prototyping many iterations over several years and perfected a new design, ultimately releasing the best final product for the industry.”

For nearly 20 years, Opti-Luxx innovation has resulted in many of the first LED lights for school buses, including exterior signal and warning lights, as well as interior dome and boarding lights.

“We’re incredibly excited to begin shipping this new product. It truly is the next evolutionary leap in backlit, reflective signage and most importantly provides another way to cut through the visual clutter of contemporary roadways and distractions. That’s something that directly benefits our kids and helps provide another layer of recognizability and clarity to alert drivers to respect the rules of school bus safety,” added Subdon.

The LED Retroreflective Destination Sign will be shipping to customers in September of 2023. More information is available at https://opti-luxx.com/destinationsign.

About Opti-Luxx:
Opti-Luxx Inc., headquartered in Hudsonville, Michigan and with operations in Dallas, Texas is a full-service supplier of LED commercial vehicle lighting. Opti-Luxx offers their customers the best in product development, application engineering, program management and launch support for new and existing products. Nearly 20 years ago, Opti-Luxx pioneered the use of LED lighting technology in commercial vehicle applications by developing the first LED school bus lights. Today, they have significantly expanded their product offerings, and the markets they serve.

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