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pdvWireless Launches TeamConnect

WOODLAND PARK, N.J. — For organizations seeking the ability to enhance productivity, reliability and customer service, they need to not look further than TeamConnect. pdvWireless, Inc. (NASDAQ: PDVW) a wireless communications carrier that is focused on using its spectrum assets to develop and provide next-generation network and mobile communication solutions, introduced TeamConnect. TeamConnect is an evolution of the company’s DispatchPlus® service, a wireless communication and mobile management solution.

TeamConnect solves all work team communication needs, including instant one-to-one and group voice communications, GPS-based team member tracking, and instant status updates—as well as event and field documentation. It helps team leaders improve individual team member performance and overall team productivity, which reduces an organization’s expenses and improves its bottom line.

“TeamConnect reinvents the way work teams communicate. We’ve taken the best aspects of our previous offering, DispatchPlus, and with modernized features and functionality, it now offers the most comprehensive group of solutions to connect mobile work teams,” said Joe Kobylak, VP/GM for pdvWireless. “With TeamConnect, work teams are more efficient and effective, collaborating instantaneously to conduct their business and solve problems.” 

TeamConnect answers the real-time communications needs of organizations managing mobile work teams, free from device restrictions. It creates a ‘hotline’ between team members, with a smart device or two-way radio to connect quickly and clearly, improving driver safety and minimizing driver distraction with instant communication.

Along with the rebranding to TeamConnect, pdvWireless is introducing two new products: TeamConnect Mobile and TeamConnect Hub. To best meet customers’ needs for real-time communication, the platforms can be used together or independently, and are interoperable with existing products. 

TeamConnect Mobile

Available via smartphones and tablets, TeamConnect Mobile is an application that allows team members to instantly communicate either one-on-one or in groups, regardless of their cellular telephone service provider. TeamConnect Mobile, in addition to being a push-to-talk voice communications solution, also identifies team member locations, provides geofence alerts, instant status messaging and photo documentation. With real-time photos, businesses can more efficiently respond to inquiries, resolve disputes and bill for repeat service visits. Users of TeamConnect Mobile can even communicate with two-way radio users.

TeamConnect Hub

TeamConnect Hub provides control center functionality that operates on a Chrome® or Firefox® browser. Team leaders and coordinators can see where their teams are deployed and instantly communicate with them on a one-on-one basis, or in groups. As a browser-based control center, TeamConnect Hub is unique, because it can be used anywhere there is an internet connection, whether on a desktop, laptop or tablet. No longer is a person limited to a dedicated PC or specific location to tie them down. TeamConnect Hub also provides the ability to play back all voice traffic for up to 24 hours at no additional cost—providing a record of critical communications. It makes managing work teams more effective and efficient.

With TeamConnect, customers can:

  • TALK — With Instant Voice Communication reach individuals, work groups or entire teams with one button push-to-talk capability.  
  • LOCATE — GPS-based team member tracking provides the ability to see where team members have been, where they are now, and the closest person available for the next work assignment.
  • MANAGE — With on-the-go one-button Instant Status Updates, reduce office calls and time-consuming paperwork. Real-time event/field documentation and reporting capabilities (inclusive of photography with TeamConnect Mobile) provides the data needed to run a business with accuracy. 

TeamConnect is well-suited for work groups of any size, and for all types of organizations—both businesses and institutions. TeamConnect Mobile and TeamConnect Hub are available nationwide. TeamConnect 2-Way radio service is currently available in Atlanta, Baltimore/Washington, D.C., Chicago, Dallas, Houston, New York/New Jersey and Philadelphia. For more information, visit www.GetTeamConnect.com or call 877-301-2154.

About pdvWireless

pdvWireless, Inc. is a private wireless communications carrier focused on using its spectrum assets to develop and offer next generation network and mobile communication solutions for organizations. It is the largest holder of licensed nationwide spectrum in the 900 MHz band in the U.S., and is pursuing regulatory actions that seek to modernize a portion of the 900 MHz band to accommodate the future deployment of broadband technologies and services. pdvWireless operates private push-to-talk (“PTT”) networks in major markets throughout the U.S. By combining its PTT services with its patented and industry-validated SaaS technology, it is setting the standard for team communication and field documentation across a wide array of organizations. They include institutions such as school systems and municipalities, plus businesses in transportation, distribution, construction, hospitality, waste management and field service. pdvWireless’ mobile workforce applications solve work team communication needs, including instant one-to-one and group voice communications, GPS-based team member tracking and instant status updates. pdvWireless is headquartered in Woodland Park, New Jersey. 

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