Propane Council Releases Newest Video for its ‘Straight Talk’ Online Video Library

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WASHINGTON — The Propane Education & Research Council has released the newest video addition to its popular Straight Talk video library, which tells the stories of fleets having success operating propane autogas vehicles in various applications. The latest video features Delaware Authority for Regional Transit (DART) and pays special attention to its stress-free refueling strategy.

“We know there are a lot of fleet managers who are dramatically reducing their operating costs and lowering emissions with their propane autogas vehicles, and sharing their experiences provides real world results for others [who] are contemplating a switch to propane autogas,” said Mike Taylor, director of autogas business development at PERC. “The DART Straight Talk video highlights the simplicity and showcases their success implementing a custom-tailored refueling strategy with propane autogas. PERC believes that other transportation professionals can benefit and will appreciate the real-world feedback DART officials provide in the video.”

By switching more than half of its 300-bus fleet to propane autogas, DART has already reduced its annual fuel costs by more than 50 percent. Once the entire fleet transitions to propane autogas, DART expects to save more than $1.8 million per year with its customized refueling strategy, which is detailed in the new video.

Just like DART, any fleet can easily find the right refueling strategy, regardless of its size or location. Propane autogas can provide custom-tailored refueling solutions that are designed to scale and adapt to a fleet’s growing demands. Plus, with new quick-connect nozzles that mimic the refueling experience of a gasoline pump, fleets like DART are producing fewer emissions at the pump, while also benefiting from an easier refueling process for drivers.

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