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Rideshare Firm Begins Crowdfunding Campaign in Reply to Uber/Lyft Driver Protests

LAS VEGAS, Nevada — BitiCar, an emerging US rideshare company, announced its crowdfunding launch today, with a commitment to improve conditions and pay for drivers on its platform.

Although thousands of disgruntled Uber and Lyft drivers are striking around the globe, these companies are making little effort to improve conditions and pay for drivers. As a result, BitiCar is stepping up to disrupt the industry and let drivers be heard. BitiCar is pledging to work with drivers to create fair pay, working conditions, benefits, and other perks such as company equity.

BitiCar’s mission is to provide a sustainable platform in which rideshare drivers can create a viable career with company equity and benefits, while creating a safe platform for riders.

Since 2018, the BitiCar team has been working tirelessly to create company drivers and riders alike that can be proud to be a part of. Although the app development and startup phase is nearly complete, the company needs to fund some important startup expenses in order to launch.

Rideshare drivers are facing a crisis with Uber and Lyft, and BitiCar is stepping up to solve the problem. Supporters are urged to take action on this crisis in order to create a better rideshare future, through BitiCar’s crowdfunding campaign on Indigogo:

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