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School Districts Want to Overcome Complex Transportation Challenges

CHARLESTON, S.C. — School Bus Consultants (SBC), the advisory and consulting division of the TransPar Group of Companies, remains in high demand throughout the school transportation industry for its customized and innovative solutions that are provided to school districts seeking to improve the efficiency of their transportation operations and reduce costs.

SBC has been sought by districts that are frustrated with the generic proposals they receive from other companies that don’t address specific needs. Districts then seek out the expertise of SBC’s team of trusted advisors and industry experts to address their transportation challenges in a holistic fashion hoping to break free from the status quo and reinvent themselves.

“We are regularly seeing school districts of all sizes really needing customized solutions since they are under enormous pressure to deliver efficient and cost-effective services with less and less resources,” stated Brooks Brenkus, managing director of SBC.

“Based on SBC’s 20-year history, we have the local, regional and national knowledge to quickly understand the challenges and develop meaningful and impactful solutions. We provide crucial insights when it’s not exactly clear what a customer may need. There is no one size fits all or ‘cookie-cutter’ approach to the development and implementation of a professional and modern school transportation program. School districts don’t need to settle for these types of approaches that don’t represent local solutions built on local conditions. There are better options.”

School districts utilize SBC’s forward-thinking expertise to provide customized solutions that enhance their transportation operations. SBC’s seasoned advisors often perform operational assessments, assist districts with routing and scheduling, optimize school bell time strategies and bell time management, facilitate insourcing or outsourcing transition among addressing other challenges plaguing school systems keeping them stuck, and hindering them from thriving and performing optimally.

“School systems tend to stick to the status quo, especially when it comes to operations,” said one school district’s chief operating officer. “SBC brings us the in-depth knowledge and experience that opened our eyes to what could be, so we can make the best decisions about what will be.”

Another district’s superintendent added, “Chief among the benefits of working with School Bus Consultants is their support, which is based on real-world experience with school districts our size. They combine the right answers with great customer service and attention to our needs. They understand our values of serving kids and families, not just getting people from point A to B. Understanding that human element is as important as being on time.”

About TransPar Group of Companies 

The TransPar Group of Companies offers a diverse portfolio of services and products which represent the most comprehensive offering in the industry. The three business units include TransPar, which provides Management and Staffing Services to develop solutions for difficult operational questions and problems; School Bus Consultants which offers Advisory Services to deliver resources and expertise that transportation contractors and organizations often cannot access on their own; and Transportation Services Co. providing Fleet Management Services and Training Products to help customers create the strong foundation necessary to support effective service delivery.


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