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Trans Air Announces the Arrival of Premium 4-layer Anti-Microbial Filters

DALLASTOWN, Pa. –Trans/Air has recently joined forces with Freudenberg Filtration Technologies to provide world class proprietary filtration technology to the bus and transit markets. The filters are currently in stock and ready to ship.

A very cost-effective and simple set up make these filters the best value available for air filtration. Unlike HEPA filter-based systems, this design has minimal effect on air flow and cooling capacity.

How does it work? Layers 1 & 2 – Top performance particle filter: Patented multilayer design, stops fine dust and microorganisms like fungal spores. Layer 3 – Top performance activated Carbon: Carbon layer that protects against harmful gases and emissions. Layer 4 – Functional Layer – superior long-term effect against air floating allergens on unique fruit extract basis.

The filter comes in multiple sizes for bus Cabin air and Ford Transit OEM

About Trans/Air:

Trans/Air manufactures a full line of climate control systems. Units, parts, service, warranty, and new or aftermarket installations are available through factory owned operations or a network of distributors throughout North America. To obtain a quote or for additional information on any of Trans/Air’s products and services, please visit our website at www.transairmfg.com. 

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