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Wurth Electronics Debuts REDline Power Boxes

DAYTON, Ohio — Wurth Electronics ICS, Inc. has announced an entirely new approach to enabling power distribution, signal transmission, and function management in commercial vehicles: REDline Power Boxes.

REDline Power Box is the name of the new system solution from Wurth Electronics ICS. With this series, the leading development partner and supplier of circuit-board-based central electrical systems is now presenting a range of products with an extremely high economic efficiency. The central feature of this series is the standardization of the housing, while at the same time maintaining the possibility to configure the circuit board entirely to the customer’s individual specifications.

The available space in the cabins of construction and agricultural vehicles is getting smaller to an increasing degree, with the result that parts of the power management and control modules must be installed outside the cabin in many cases. This makes it necessary to provide additional protection against dust, moisture, and other weather effects.

Wurth Electronics ICS is now presenting a correspondingly protected housing package in two application-specific versions. As part of the “REDline Power Boxes” product platform, the company is launching the REDline Power Box Medium and the REDline Power Box Hybrid, both of which promise advantages considerably superior to the solutions that have been available so far.

More on the REDline Power Box Medium

The REDline Power Box Medium is a compact solution for sub distribution circuits and control systems. It enables to position the required functions in close proximity to the consumer, thus reducing not only the dimensions of the central electrical system, but also the complexity of the wiring harness.

REDline Box Details

The sealed housing (IP64 protection classes) features a circuit board measuring 85 mm x 70 mm that can be equipped entirely according to the customer’s specifications, which is suitable for all standard ICS fuse and relay bases.

The plug-in interface takes the form of a 31-pole Heavy Duty plug connector, featuring four high-current contacts for connecting wires with cable cross-sections of up to 6mm² and 27 contacts with cable cross-sections of up to 2.5mm².

The pins can be configured according to the customer’s individual specifications.

More on the REDline Power Box Hybrid

The REDline Power Box Hybrid combines circuit-board technology with copper bus bars for high currents.

In Detail

Two MEGA and two MIDI fuse slots are provided as standard, and the power-supply slot can be used optionally for a third MEGA fuse.

In the IP54 sealed housing part a circuit board is located which measuring approx. 90 mm x 90 mm, thus providing enough space for the fitting of all ICS bases such as Mini, ATO, and Maxi fuses and all standard relay sockets, all the way to the high-current relay base.

As plug-in interface a 42-pole plug connector with six high-current contacts with cable cross-sections of 2.8 mm² to 2.5 mm² and a 36 Micro Timer II with 1.6 mm contacts with a cable cross-sections of up to 1 mm² are used.

Benefits of the Platform Concept at a Glance 

The platform concept behind the REDline Power Boxes enables the broadest range of applications to be realized and requirements to be met. The housing is standardized—which means that tooling costs are eliminated. The individual layout and customized configuration of the circuit boards ensures the highest possible degree of functionality. The cover of the housing can be fitted and removed without the need for extra tools. High IP protection classes guarantee a high degree of safety.

Customer-specific projects—from the circuit diagram all the way to the finished product—can be realized swiftly and simply. With its REDline Power Boxes Wurth Electronics ICS offers economic, modular, and robust solutions for a various range of commercial vehicles.

About Wurth Electronics ICS, Inc.

Wurth Electronics ICS was established in 1984 as the electromechanical components division within Wurth Electronics. Today the Wurth Electronics ICS Group employs more than 260 employees at its locations in USA, France and Germany. The core business of Wurth Electronics ICS is PCB power distribution units, CAN controllers, HMI displays and control panels for the commercial vehicle industry. Wurth Electronics ICS, Inc. is part of the Wurth Electronics group of companies, and has more than 8,063 employees worldwide and generated global sales of €686 million in 2015.

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