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Recorded Webinar: Electric School Buses in California

A once in a lifetime opportunity exists today with funding coming to California school districts for electric buses over the next 6-12 months. This webinar, presented by A-Z Bus Sales, ADOMANI and Blue Bird, dove into some real-world data and answer the most frequently asked questions regarding electric school buses, including the following.

  • What are the real world costs of running electric buses? Will it save my district money?
  • Has electric technology come far enough, or will there be challenges with electric buses?
  • What applications work best / how do hills or A/C affect mileage ranges?
  • How long will the batteries last and what are the costs for replacement?
  • What are the costs for infrastructure and what does a successful implementation look like?
  • Will my technicians know how to work on electric buses? What kind of training will be available?
  • Can my district really get a “free” bus? How do I access these “once in a lifetime opportunity” grants?

This panel discussion included experts on infrastructure, electric technology, and school districts who have successfully implemented electrification into their school bus fleets. It also covered the various grant programs being made available to school districts in California, with brief presentations from the CEC (California Energy Commission) and local Air Quality Management Districts (AQMD) about their specific programs.

You’ll come away from this webinar knowing whether electric school buses will work for your district, and how to prepare NOW to take full advantage of the grant opportunities available.


  • Brandon Bluhm, Director of Sales, A-Z Bus Sales
  • Rick Eckert, Chief Operating Officer, ADOMANI
  • Jenna Van Harpen, Director of Alternative Fuels, Blue Bird
  • Carol Dietrich, Director of Technical Communications and Training, Blue Bird
  • Hinton Harrison, Engineering Liason Supervisor, Blue Bird
  • Tim Shannon, Transportation Director, Twin Rivers Unified School District
  • Heather Taylor, Air Quality Engineer, Sacramento Air Quality Management District
  • Jennifer Masterson, CEC (California Energy Commission)
  • Vicky White, Technology Implementation Manager, South Coast Air Quality Management District
  • Tina McRee, Bay Area Air Quality Management District
  • Aaron Tarango, San Joaquin Air Pollution Control District

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