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(Recorded Webinar) Get Your Masters in Route Mapping with TravelTracker

Each fall, school transportation departments struggle with manual processes and communication to reset their routes. Outdated mapping is silent sabotage of efficiency, leading to hundreds of hours of wasted processing time. Instead of addressing these aspects as a full-time job, dispatchers, route managers, and department staff can adapt and create new routes within minutes with updated mapping technology.

TravelTracker-Routing is created with proprietary AI and experts in cartography to enable rapid changes: test and evaluate route changes to identify potential disruptions; drop pins in rural or newly developed areas, assign all your routing with a single click and always access current maps.

In the live webinar “Get Your Masters in Route Mapping with TravelTracker” on Sept. 28th, 2022, Buttons Cheeley, Kathryn Johnson, and Sam Caoili of TravelTracker will share insights and expertise on:

  • Addressing multiple priorities in route planning without overloading staff
  • Leveraging open-source mapping technology to avoid delays
  • Updating your route planning capabilities
  • Maintaining efficient routes over the long term
  • Building stewardship and goodwill with parents through easy communications plans

TravelTracker is cloud-based routing software that fine-tunes a transportation department. The staff controls new routes with proprietary mapping algorithms and sandbox scenarios for the most efficient routes possible.

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Buttons Cheeley
Customer Success Specialist, TravelTracker
Cheeley turned a part-time job driving a bus into a 31-year career in the school transportation industry. As a customer success specialist, she helps districts implement TravelTracker software.

Kathryn Johnson
Customer Success Specialist, TravelTracker
Finding solutions for educators has always been Johnson’s passion. She loves helping transportation departments find the tools they need to succeed in a drastically changing environment.

Sam Caoili
Sales Representative, TravelTracker
Caoili works with all levels of staff at transportation departments to find solutions to their challenges, answering questions before and after the purchase and providing recommendations.

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