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(Recorded Webinar) Putting EPA Funding to Work: How to Turn Grant Dollars into Successful Projects

The EPA is kicking off the biggest clean school bus funding program in U.S. history this summer: $5 billion over five years, with an initial $500 million available for applications from May 20 to August 19.

The EPA funding is a great opportunity to jumpstart your electrification program, but there’s no such thing as a free bus – there are hidden costs, risks, and time involved. Once you have the money, how do you turn it into fully charged buses reliably transporting students every day?

This webinar will explain not only the funding program itself but also how to turn the funds into successful projects that work for you. We will explore the power of public-private partnerships and talk to people who do this every day about how districts are leveraging private dollars to get more out of their public funding.

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  • Amy McGuire, Director, Market Development, Highland Electric Fleets
  • Duncan McIntyre, CEO, Highland Electric Fleets
  • Sean Leach, Manager, Training & Fleet Operations, Highland Electric Fleets
  • Tim Shannon, Director of Facilities Planning & Efficiency, Twin Rivers Unified School District (Calif.)

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