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(Recorded Webinar) Revolutionizing School Bus Charging Infrastructure: Flex Charge

Join us for an informative webinar featuring Alex Cook, the inaugural winner of the Innovator of the Year Award from STN in 2022, as he presents his groundbreaking solution, FlexCharge. Alongside him will be Kevin King and Steve Mentzer, Senior EV Principal Consultants, diving deep into the innovative features and benefits of FlexCharge.

FlexCharge isn’t just a solution; it’s a game-changer for school districts looking to embrace sustainable transportation. What sets FlexCharge apart is its flexibility and ease of implementation. With no trenching needed, it’s easily movable and adaptable to diverse environments, saving school districts up to 30% in construction costs.

During the webinar, Cook, King, and Mentzer will highlight how FlexCharge is already making a difference for our current customers. From its seamless installation process to the availability of fabricated kits, FlexCharge offers a hassle-free transition to electric school bus fleets.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how FlexCharge can transform your school district’s transportation infrastructure. Join us for the FlexCharge webinar and discover how innovation is driving the future of school bus charging.

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Alex Cook
Chief Engineer
First Student

Alex Cook started in 2004 as our Chief Engineer after a 20-year career with Cummins Engine. Over the years, he built a team of engineers as well as mechanical and electrical experts to support more than 100K vehicles in the combined FirstGroup companies. In his 20 years with First, Cook has engineered and brought to the marketplace several new technologies to pioneer safety, efficiency and future-proofing bus travel. His behind-the-meter infrastructure design utilizes common, readily accessible components as a foundation for equipment positioning and mounting as well as protection of high voltage circuits. Cook is passionate about public safety and has devoted his career to engineering solutions to everyday challenges in bus transportation.

Steve Mentzer
Senior EV Principal Consultant
First Consulting

Steve Mentzer is a Senior Principal Consultant for First Consulting, focused on fleet electrification and electric vehicles. With over 35 years of experience in the commercial vehicle industry, Mentzer offers experience in electric school bus selection, infrastructure planning, safety, and training. Prior to joining First Consulting, he worked with leading industry organizations like Lion Electric, Safe Fleet, Inc., and Lytx Drivecam. Mentzer’s knowledge and experience have earned him many awards and accolades, including the Innovations in Safety & Training Award from the National Transit Institute and the Safety Excellence Award from the New York State Transportation Safety Board.

Kevin King
Senior EV Principal Consultant
First Consulting

Kevin King entered the transportation industry in 2015 as a Director of Sales Marketing for a dealer in Upstate New York. From there, he joined the Lion Electric Company as a Sales Manager in 2019. Continuing his growth in electric transportation he joined Nuvve and further expanded his EV knowledge base by advocating infrastructure deployments. King was the EV Sales Manager for one of the largest Blue Bird dealers in the country. This well-rounded EV background, combined with his strong belief in the myriad of benefits electric school buses bring, make him a valuable resource for schools, or school transportation companies interested in electrifying their fleets.

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