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(Recorded Webinar) Save on Electric School Bus Costs with Charge Management Solutions & Funding Programs

School bus operators face many obstacles when transiting to electric vehicles–starting with the cost of the buses, determining the right charging infrastructure, and then figuring out how to charge the buses to ensure they are ready for each shift. When Palermo USD began its journey to EVs, it turned to AMPLY Power to help simplify and accelerate the electrification process.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • How Palermo USD transitioned 80% of its school bus fleet to electric while seeing more than 50% in cost savings and using renewable energy.
  • Why Palermo partnered with AMPLY Power to handle all aspects of charging their electric buses – from construction and managed charging operations, to LCFS credit management and renewable energy supply.
  • About the currently open and soon-to-open funding programs available to school districts and contractors to help offset the cost of electrification.

This webinar is brought to you by AMPLY Power.




  • Erik Bakke, Sr. Sales Manager, AMPLY Power
  • Carlos Aguilar, Director of Maintenance, Operations and Transportation, Palermo USD
  • Michelle Levinson, Manager, eMobility Financial Solutions, Electric School Bus Initiative, World Resources Institute

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